Check out the V-O Hero in action with this short and sweet demo reel I pieced together. For a more detailed description of the range of work I can do, please see me resume and work details below.

All In A Days Work


  • The Guy Next Door

  • Young Professional

  • The Comedian


  • Sexy Showhost

  • Teenage Action Hero

  • Schoolyard Sass-pants

  • Delusional War Gramps

  • Mad Villians

My Work

I’ve been working in the industry for many years and have had the chance to work with some really great people on some really cool projects. I’ve also been hitting up industry panels with a few cartoon shows of my own; Tyson Powerstorm and the Planet of the Girls is a laugh-a-minute 7-11yrs boys comedy featuring the exploits of Tyson and his two buddies as they try to find a way off this strange, alien world! Here are just a few of the clients I have done work for;

  • Teletoon
  • Midas
  • Accessible Media Inc
  • Supermassive Media
  • & many more!


I am sorry you had to watch this. No words are needed to describe this horrible  monstrosity of a cartoon, except that they are basically the trash can of a sad, strange little man. Alas, please like and subscribe for more rubbish.

Wolf Among Sheep

A dramatic reading by Mike Cosh & …​​

STUFF – by cosh

Stuff by cosh is a small project I created on Instagram to have fun with illustrating, voice over and cartooning. Sometimes I post my own artwork, and sometimes I am posting artwork of friends or peers. Recently it has been gaining in popularity and I have been really enjoying the challenge. Not to mention my inbox is now loaded with drawing requests which I hope to get to… someday.